Ghreiwati Group.

    The challenge of a better tomorrow will be met by securing a more sustainable today. Ghreiwati Group helps to build a better future.

    Ghreiwati Group is a global conglomerate, founded in Syria. It represents a century of regional knowledge and experience. A leader in a wide range of business sectors since before 1920, it is now one of the largest diversified industrial enterprises, which includes trading, manufacturing, investments and property development.


    Four Generations. One Legacy.



    The now CEO was the first person to invent glue in the middle east, and continued to pioneer the glue industry.



    The now CEO’s grand-father, brought light to Syria. He was an innovator in providing electricity to the country.



    The entrepreneurial skills came naturally. He was one of the founders of Jordanian Electricity, and the first businessman in Syria in the newly formed electrical business industry.



    Took over from his father’s empire, and heralded the introduction of the construction of an electrical cables factory.



    Took over as CEO. His aptitude for business has led him to diversify the company’s interests. Examples of diversification include the electrical appliances, real estate, motor and electrical industries, building a trading partnerships with the likes of KIA and LG. His insights and contacts cemented his prominence, when he became President of the Chamber of Commerce in Syria. In his three-year tenure in Dubai, he has accomplished partnerships with one of the region’s most celebrated real estate developments, Meydan in Polo residencies.


    “To be a professionally managed and privately held Group, respected by the global industry for its regional business acumen, innovation, social responsibility and financial strength.”

    Ghreiwati Group’s long-term vision is to explore new business opportunities in order to achieve sustainable, exponential and vibrant growth for the group as a whole.


    Ghreiwati Group’s values are ingrained, and steadfast. These values act as a reason of being, for every one of its employees and stakeholders, and throughout every one of its businesses.

    Integrity, Synergy, Reliability & Foresight.


    The ability to act with honesty and be consistent in whatever the business and its interests partake, are based on the Group’s particular beliefs in conduct.

    Integrity isn’t a philosophy, it’s a way of being and a practice upheld by Ghreiwati Group, and every one of its 1600 employees.


    A specific and unique take on cross Group harmony makes the Group itself greater than the sum of its parts. Synergy is paramount to facilitate and achieve clarity in meeting both the individual and combined objectives of the Group.

    Community, clients, company. All three inextricably linked to provide and deliver a harmonious work ethic and solutions to each and every one of its businesses, stakeholders, clients and employees.


    Reliability is key to Ghreiwati Group’s success. There can be no trust without reliability. The Group’s long and successful track record in dependability is testament to the trust bestowed upon us by both clients and stakeholders.


    Foresight is fundamental to growth. It’s not only about having the knowledge, it’s also about using that knowledge intuitively, for the good of the Group.

    Growth can be achieved only through innovation. An entrepreneurial spirit flows through the Group’s practices, people and places. An instinctive conglomerate is one that works towards one, clear goal.