Ghreiwati Industries

Manufacturing is the grease that turns the wheels of industry. Ghreiwati Group has influenced the manufacturing business for over 80 years.

Government contracts for national infrastructure have been executed by the group – all over the country. It has been a part of the country’s growth, quite literally.

Manufacturing has been a cornerstone of Ghreiwati Group’s expansion. Many of the region’s infrastructure plans have been made possible thanks to vital components that it has manufactured, at its companies.

Overview and Business Partners.

Reliability is key to Ghreiwati Group’s success. There can be no trust without reliability. The Group’s long and successful track record in dependability is testament to the trust bestowed upon us by both clients and stakeholders.

Manufacturing Company

  • Copper Rod factory

  • PVC Factory Platico

  • Cable Factory Syrian modern cables

  • Enameled wires factory